Monday, 10 April 2017

Egypt security forces kill suspects planning attacks on Christians

egypt forces

CAIRO: The red sea protection causes have murdered seven alleged Islamic State team sympathisers viewed as preparing strikes against Coptic Religious believers, the interior ministry said Thursday, a day after dangerous double cathedral bombings.

“A number of IS sympathisers were concealing in one of Assiut province’s hilly areas”, the ministry said in an argument.

The team was concealing in the southeast region “to prepare intense devices in planning for carrying out a number of enemy strikes,” the ministry said. They died after a shootout with cops officers, who found guns, ammo, and IS journals in the hideout, it said. The ministry did not say when the firefight took place.
The statement follows two strikes on chapels in the places of Tanta and Alexandria on Hand End of the week, which murdered 45 people and were stated by IS. The team has confronted more strikes against Egypt’s Religious community.

Monday’s declaration said protection authorities were able to recognize three of those murdered, who were created in The red sea and viewed as preparing strikes focusing on Religious believers in Assiut and the nearby region of Sohag.

The team was also preparing strikes against cops and legal courts, the ministry said.

Copts, who make up about one 10th of Egypt’s population of more than 92 million and who enjoy Easter time next weekend, have been targeted by several strikes recently.

Jihadists and Islamists accuse Copts of assisting the army overthrow of Islamist chief executive Mohamed Morsi in 2013, which brought in a dangerous attack on his followers.

In Dec, a destruction bombing stated by IS murdered 29 worshippers at a Cairo cathedral.

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