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Lionel Barber on FT Trump interview

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Well, the key expert was at once amazing, pugnacious, immediate. He has a very boring way of talking about. The language is often quite raw, not in regards to believe conditions, but it's just very immediate. In regards to his personality, again, it's an uncommon mixture between really quite relaxed and then immediately, quite complicated and pressured. And I think the really amazing time, of course, was when he said that the U. s. Declares would often take unilateral action against North Southeast the philipines if Chinese providers suppliers did not support projects to shut down this nuclear system.

I think this was definitely an idea right to Primary executive Xi Jinping, who he is seeing at his winter time White-colored Home in Mar-a-Lago, this luxury resort in Florida. And they're going to be wide-ranging bilateral talks. There's obviously a incredibly important economical relationship and relationship.

But the security problem is mostly about North Southeast the philipines, and Mr. Trump views, I think effectively, that the country that has most create use of over this bogus system led by Kim Jong Un, is Chinese providers suppliers, and therefore he needs to discuss directly to Chinese providers suppliers and convince the Chinese providers control that America is ready to act unilaterally.

That must be very-- a very much a last choice in regards to a bomb strike, because we don't know where exactly the Koreans have saved their nuclear system. We know that they've got wealthy uranium. We know they've conducted ballistic bomb tests, and we-- what they're involved about is obviously putting nuclear warhead miniaturised on one of these missiles.

But to invite-- to battle North Southeast the philipines would motivate vengeance, and the North Koreans have highly effective assortment of weapons, artillery, and they could generally remove Seoul, the Southeast Japanese individuals economical dedication, never any other strike on Japan. So that would be excellent, dangerous. I think they're looking much more economical options and perhaps even on the internet battle.

I think that they're going to be toughish, but it'll be discuss in the beginning. So they're not ready to, for example, item Chinese providers suppliers as a currency trading manipulator. They're not ready to Primary executive Trump select to create this apparent in his conference that he's not ready to discuss about expenses, spectacular expenses against Chinese providers items or anything like that.
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What they are trying to do, and we discussed to Wilbur Ross, the Company Associate. who's very important lengthy time friend of the key expert. And last A week through an experienced buy, they provided new recommendations buys which locations out ideas for affordable business. That's what they're making reference to. It's a company idea to the Chinese providers and saying if you don't recognize these ideas, then we may have to go further to immediate retaliatory action against you.

There is the most amazing, serious power works going on under the outer lining area between an outdoor hiking led by, I would say the realists, the vicious realists. People like Grettle Cohn, the ex-number two at Goldman Sachs who's go of the National Financial Regulators, and Wilbur Ross, the person value fund wealthy. And these are those who are in for-- applying business recommendations, but they're not looking at banging over the complete-- it.

People like Bob Bannon, the ideological firebrand and former technique manager to Primary executive Trump, is a very important figure out under the outer lining area, and he's almost certainly for pushing for more. What I can say with some assurance is you're not going to see ever again any Trump control determining upon up to a comprehensive Trans-Pacific Cooperation deal. That-- that's not on the, the table. They're going to look for aggressive bilateral manages different countries.

They're now saying we don't believe the European Collaboration should failing or crack down following Brexit. We see it as important that it keeps together. And by the way, we would like to do an absolutely free business deal with the EU.

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