Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Fox News' Election Night Coverage Upstaged by 'Chandy' the Chandelier

Fox News Chandy Chandelier
Step aside, Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly — there’s a new star at Fox News. She’s bold, she’s sassy, she’s Chandy the Digital Chandelier!
OK, let’s begin at the beginning: The wire information system set up a “digital chandelier” in its studio room for selection night — a huge, round display meant to provide various up-dates throughout the night — which set up above the core bolts, demon may good care. It wasn't until an time into the network’s protection that we discovered Chandlers real purpose: to distribute disorder.
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“That hanging frightens me,” Baier confessed during a trip from The Five group. Upon recognizing he had somewhat disturbed visitor Monica Crowley, Baier was adament, “I was hearing, Monica. I really was.”
(For the history, no one would fault Baier for getting diverted. We’ve all seen I, Software. We know what the devices can.)
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Chandy was also used as a scapegoat several periods throughout the night: Kelly felix charged the hanging of getting in the way of another display she was looking at, while another core recommended that Chandy was the reason for a temporary sound snafu.
Kelly resolved the studio’s costly transformation beginning at night as a reply to Karl Rove’s use of a white-colored panel and dark indicators to describe the electoral process: “I believe that the studio room expenses $39 thousand — and this is all we wanted. We could have done it for 12 money.”
Fun fact: Chandy was also the name of a personality Tempe developed to rest with Joey’s unreal spouse in a Year 2 show of Buddies. Behold:

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