Saturday, 17 December 2016

CeeLo Green Responds to Messages of Concern Over Video Showing Exploding Phone


"Hey y'all, pay attention," he informed you. "I just want to let everybody know that I am in existence and I am well and I'm OK. In all honesty, I'm really disappointed that anybody had to be psychologically disrupted by what they saw nowadays. Actually what you saw nowadays was a video from a compact sized video video that we were capturing for a new venture that I'm doing known as Gnarly Davidson. It's expected to set up and present the new personality identification. I'm still going to launch the songs, but first and major to everybody that love me and care about me, I just desired to let you know that I'm OK..."

Was CeeLo Natural the newest sufferer of an booming phone?

A video video displaying monitoring video of a man similar to the musician and former The Speech trainer went popular Weekend. In the video, the man rests in a documenting studio room and speaks on his cellphone. It then explodes, in a stunning blast, and the person drops off his seat and onto the ground.

CeeLo has not stated and the televisions credibility has not been verified. It is also uncertain when it was documented.

But the video still stimulated lovers, as well as other R&B celebrity Omarion to write information of interest on Tweets.

"@CeeLoGreen So manyyyy wishes & light to you brother!!!! I [pray] your listening to is ok!!!" he had written.

— Wally L. Hudson Sr. (@Activist30) Dec 17, 2016
The video video also stimulated "Samsung" to pattern on Tweets. The company had a few months ago remembered its Universe Observe 7 mobile phones and completely stopped manufacture of the gadgets out of protection issues, following reviews of them booming and capturing flame.
The Tweets pattern stimulated clean conversations about the debate.

"How can Elon Musk create a car that pushes itself, but New samsung can't create a telephone that does not burst in your face?"

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