Saturday, 17 December 2016

Oklahoma road conditions

OKLAHOMA -- Roadways suffering from cold rainfall in many places of situations.

Oklahoma Department of Transport teams in many places of situations are treating smooth places on connects and overpasses and continue to work with the Ok Road Patrol and police officers to monitor highway circumstances.

I-35 is revealed as smooth in spots in southeast situations, including the Arbuckle Hills in Murray and Jackson areas. Other highways are clear in the southern part of Ok.

REMEMBER during wintry and icy circumstances, drivers are asked to:

• Stay at least 200 feet behind road cleaning equipment; teams need room to advance and can engage plowing or growing materials without notice.

• Allow more space between vehicles to provide adequate distance for stopping.

• Be aware of "black ice," which looks wet on the road but is a slim layer of ice.

• Be individual, plan trips ahead and allow additional time in attaining locations.

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