Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Cosby lawyers say prosecutors using 'casting couch' cliche

FILE - In this Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2016, file photo, Bill Cosby arrives for a pretrial hearing in his sexual-assault case at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pa. Prosecutors preparing for Cosby's sexual-assault trial hope to call 13 other accusers to try to show he drugged and molested women as part of a "signature" crime spree over five decades. The defense will attack their credibility and try again to have the case thrown out at a pretrial hearing starting Tuesday, Nov. 1, in suburban Philadelphia. Photo: Matt Rourke, AP / AP

 Invoice Cosby's attorneys will claim Wednesday that prosecutors are attaining returning to the "casting couch" era to circular up females accusers and develop a "stale" sex-related attack situation against the performer.
And they will take a California assess through a moment high to confirm their factor, complicated sex-related wrong doings claims that spanned the freewheeling 1960's, loyal 1980's and gender-bending Twenty first millennium.
Prosecutors will ask the assess to let 13 other females admit at the planned July test that they were drugged and molested by Cosby in a "signature" style.
However, protection attorneys observe there's little but obscure remembrances to go on. In a protection processing Thursday, they said the females remembrances have been affected by efforts and extensive press protection of the situation.
"The proven reality that even the most fervently organised memories can actually be discolored — or completely incorrect — is reinforced by a wide current and increasing body of technology," attorneys Mark McMonagle and Angela Agrusa had written.
The pretrial listening to is predicted to last two times, with another listening to on the proof set for Dec.
Cosby, now 79 and sightless, continues to be free on $1 thousand help. It's been a half-century since the comic became the first dark acting professional to celebrity in a prime-time TV display, "I Spy," and more than 20 years since his top-ranked respect to dark family life, "The Cosby Show," ceased shooting.
He had defeated returning a Forehead School worker's sex-related attack issue in 2005 when prosecutors said there was not enough proof to cost him.
But a new region lawyer, District Attorney Kevin Steele, reopened the Montgomery Nation situation last year among-st new evidence: the many community accusers and a recently unsealed buildup that revealed Cosby recognizing he provided Andrea Con-stand three unlabeled tablets and some bottles before adhering his side down her trousers. Con-stand, then 30, said she was only semi-conscious after getting what she believed were natural tablets. She had met Cosby, a Forehead enhancer, through her job, and said she went to his house that evening for profession guidance.
Constand resolved a municipal court action with Cosby in 2006. The protection, in their movement Thursday, said her records of her connection with Cosby modified in her preliminary cops claims — and they said the two had been romantic before.
They also took aim at justice claims that Cosby assaulted insecure younger ladies in "signature" style after providing to coach them. Defense attorneys task the factor, saying females had different kinds of relationships with Cosby, met him in different places, and were various age groups. The protection will ask Montgomery Nation Judge Steven O'Neill to bar their "prior bad act" statement.
"Even if confirmed (and it could not be), the age-old 'casting couch' is not exclusive to Mr. Cosby, and thus not a 'signature' nor the groundwork for the admissibility of these witnesses' experiences, let alone a indictment," the protection attorneys had written.
Judge O'Neill has so far on the sides with prosecutors in declining to disregard the situation.

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