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Extradited 'El Chapo' Guzman arrives in US; hearing Friday

Medication kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, who became a tale in South america through his impressive prison runs away and decades to keep just forward of the law, came delayed Saturday in New You are able to after he was extradited to the U. s. Declares.

Guzman will appear Saturday in a govt test in Brooklyn, where he will take a position test later on. Strict precautionary features were being put in place around the New york city prison where Guzman is to be organised, a police officers resource said. The Brooklyn Link will be shut while the drug master is being transferred to judge.
The extradition seems to be timed. Spanish regulators desired to turn over Guzman, head of the Sinaloa cartel, before Friday's inauguration of President-elect Brian Trump, a US formal informed CNN. Trump angered South america during his strategy by challenging it pay for a boundary walls.

Guzman, who was shifted last year to the boundary town of Ciudad Juarez, was grabbed by a group from the Medication Management Administration, Migrants and Traditions Management and US marshals.
Six individual indictments across the U. s. Declares lay out wide-ranging situations against Guzman and others, claiming they have introduced in enormous amounts in medication to the U. s. Declares and washed earnings back to South america.
The extradition delivers an end, at least for now, to Guzman's uses in South america, including a 2015 prison evade through a mile-long canal that presented a motorbike on paths.
"El Chapo" is escorted from a plane to a waiting caravan of SUVs at Long Island MacArthur Airport before being transferred to a Manhattan jail.
Guzman will not experience loss of life charge in the US
A judge in South america City on Saturday declined the drug lord's attraction of the extradition.
The US Rights Division thanked authorities in South america "for their comprehensive collaboration and support in acquiring the united states Guzman ... to the U. s. Declares."

Guzman and other cartel management were indicted during 2009 in US Region Court in Brooklyn on expenses of conspiring to transfer more than 264,000 weight of drugs into the U. s. Declares between 1990 and 2005. The claimed traffickers are charged with discussing drug transport paths and acquiring their medication from various Colombian drug companies.
'El Chapo' Fast Facts

Famous US extradition cases
Guzman also encounters expenses in California, California, Il, California and New Hampshire. Mexico's International Ministry has said it had obtained guarantees that if charged Guzman would not take advantage of the loss of life charge. South america is contrary to loss of life phrases.
Federal indictments described the Sinaloa cartel as an business utilizing killing, kidnappings and bribes.
The indictments make reference to Guzman by various nicknames, such as "El Rapido," "Papa," "El Viejo" and "El Chapo" (which means "Shorty." Guzman is 5 legs 6 inches extensive high.)
Over time, Guzman obtained near-mythic position in his home nation. He has been the topic of ballads known as "narcorridos," a subgenre devoted to cartels and their narco-violence.
Tunnels and a washing laundry trolley getaway
For decades, the well known cartel innovator shown slick, remaining just forward of the law. He is known for using complex canal techniques for both evading regulators and shifting the large variety of medicine that made the Sinaloa Cartel so highly effective.
Guzman's regain in Jan 2016, after six months on the lam, showed a significant achievements in what has been a distressing challenge for South america. For many, "El Chapo" is a indication of the Spanish national crime.
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In 2001, he runaway from a prison in Jalisco in a washing laundry trolley. Guzman was arrested in Feb 2014 and runaway from Altiplano prison in This summer 2015 by creeping through a dent in the bath area of his mobile prevent resulting in a mile-long canal.
In Aug, Guzman's son was kidnapped from a Puerto Vallarta cafe, in what was thought to be an effort to manipulate the cartel's weeknesses. He was later released.
'El Chapo' said drug business would continue
The trafficking of strong drugs, weed, drugs and crystal meth into the U. s. Declares from South america is an yearly $19 billion dollars to $20 billion dollars market, according to a Division of Country Security review.
And the Sinaloa cartel has typically organised a prominent discuss of that, thanks to Guzman's innovative business techniques and Sinaloa's control of trafficking paths.
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A Traditions and Border Security claim that examined seizure information along the boundary between 2009 and 2010 found that "the elimination of key employees does not have a discernable effect on drug flows" into the US.
"El Chapo" was aware that drug trafficking won't end once he's gone. "The day I don't are available, it's not going to reduce in any way at all," he informed acting professional He Penn in interviews in Oct 2015.

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