Monday, 23 January 2017

JUNGLE CAMP IN 2017 Is Honey finally out

Jungle Camp 2017: The remaining candidates of "I'm a star - Get me out of here!"

The staying applicants of "I'm a Superstar - Get Me Out of Here!"
Do the audiences have enough of Honey? This is probably the issue of the night. So far the 34-year-old still saved, still got enough telephone calls, in purchase not to fly out of the display. But just nowadays, after the scenario in the forest camping increased and then create almost all applicants against the man design, thinking probably all know how lengthy it's Sweetie in the Australia shrub yet.

Today the 4th flies

Only Fräulein Menke , then Debbie Joelle Jahnel and Markus Majowski and now? Can the applicants in recent times to improve concern and the audiences to more telephone calls shift. This is exactly what the people need to remain more time in the display and get more interest.

It is getting narrower

But maybe the audiences wants to see exactly what Sweetie has been concerned about now: Zoff! If the ex of Kim Hnizdo in Camp, daf guarantees definitely for enjoyment. It would not be outstanding, honey should remain. And actually, Sweetie continues to be, instead, goes Nicole Mieth

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