Sunday, 22 January 2017

One dead, several injured after shooting at San Antonio shopping mall

NBC News video capture

SAN ANTONIO (AP) — A theft within a San Antonio purchasing center finished with photos shot on Weekend, making one personal that tried to get involved deceased, three others taken and another a couple taken to medical center with non-shooting accidents, cops and flame regulators said.

Police Primary Bill McManus said two thinks scammed out a jewellery shop at the Moving Trees Shopping mall on Weekend.

“What we have here is a theft gone really, really bad,” McManus said.

After the thinks remaining the shop, a man, described by McManus as a “good Samaritan” tried to quit the two men.

One of the thieves then fatally taken the man, McManus said.

A second personal, who was holding a certified disguised tool, then taken and injured the thief who had murdered the personal that intervened, McManus said.

McManus known as the critical capturing “absolutely mindless.” The victim’s name was not instantly launched by regulators.

The other thief remaining the mall, shooting his tool and hurting a man and a female. These two people, along with the harmed thief, were taken to regional medical center, said San Antonio Fire Primary Charles Bonnet.

Two other people— a female who reported of chest area discomfort and a expectant mother who had work discomfort — were also taken to regional medical centers, Bonnet said.

The situation of the those who were harmed in the occurrence was not instantly available.

McManus says information still looking for the other thief who is assumed to have remaining the mall.

“We explored the mall and we experience as assured as we can experience that the suspicious is not in there,” McManus said.

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