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49ers QB Olsen threatened to kill victim and himself before rape, prosecutor says

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Currently 49er qb Kevin Olsen, billed Weekend with sexual attack and other criminal offenses, confronted to strangle himself with a cellphone battery power charger minutes before intimately fighting his accuser, a Mecklenburg Nation region attorney said in assess Thursday early morning.

The 6-foot-3, 215-pound Olsen was released on $103,000 connection at 4 p.m. Thursday, billed with three matters of crime second-degree forcible sexual attack, interacting risks, attack on a women and second-degree sex violation (forcible fondling). The occurrence happened at 3:30 a.m. Weekend at Olsen’s residence in University City, near the UNC Currently university, according to Associate District Lawyer Kristen Northrup. Olsen and his accuser were dating, regulators said.

Olsen, 22, is the sibling of Carolina Panthers’ limited end Greg Olsen.

Kevin Olsen, with his other sibling Frank together with, turned himself in to Charlotte-Mecklenburg cops on Weekend mid-day and invested Weekend evening in jail. If charged, he encounters up to 10 years in jail on each sexual attack cost. His cops arrest noticeable the second amount of your energy in little more than week that a UNCC university student has been charged of second-degree sexual attack.

Deputies introduced Olsen, who used an lemon jail jumpsuit, into the trial just after 10 a.m. Thursday. As his mother and father sat a few series behind him, Olsen was standing expressionless beside his protection attorney, sometimes moving his golden-haired hits out of his sight. Across the trial, Northrup study details of the expenses to Mecklenburg District Judge Grettle Henderson.

After the listening to, Olsen attorney Henry Laughrun said his customer “denies 99 percent of what was study in assess.”

According to Northrup, Olsen and the 23-year-old lady went out consuming Weekend evening but had gotten divided. During their time apart, Northrup said, Olsen sent the lady a text harmful to destroy her.

Eventually, the pair rejoined and used Ultra to return to Olsen’s residence early Weekend early morning. There, Northrup said, Olsen stayed disappointed about the evening “and some events in his life.” He got a cellphone battery power charger and covered it around his throat, harmful to destroy himself, the region attorney said.

The sufferer, according to Northrup, settled Olsen down. But the discussion flared up again. Olsen first hit her with a cushion, then hit her in the face, Northrup said.

He then attacked her three times, Northrup said, with the sufferer weeping at some point during the attack.

When Olsen dropped off, the lady fallen out of the residence and known as a friend, Northrup said. Police achieved her at Carolinas HealthCare System University, where the lady was found to have genital accidents and discoloration around one of her sight.

Olsen’s situation was the first one known as in Courtroom 4130, which was having proceedings on an extensive docket of household assault and other attack cases. Men sat on the remaining side of the room, women on the right. Olsen’s mother and father, Frank and Sue Olsen, sat across the main section from each other, divided by a divider panel.

Olsen, a one-time top school soccer hire who performed for his father in New Shirt, finished the last season as a back-up qb for UNCC. He has been revoked from the soccer group and will move way back again in with his mother and father, Laughrun told the assess.

Olsen has been drummed off of the soccer groups at the University of Las vegas and Towson State due to off-field disciplinary problems such as drugs and dui. He seemed to have won the starting qb job at Las vegas in 2014 but remaining the group and college without playing a down.

A UNCC speaker said Thursday that Olsen continues to be an registered university student, secured by comfort rules. The university said it is “reviewing the situation reliable with its disciplinary techniques.”

Earlier this month, UNCC university student Joshua Alford was billed with second-degree sexual attack along with a other university student he met at an off-campus party. Alford’s attorney says he is simple.

At close by Davidson, the Jan cops arrest of a university football player on a misdemeanor sexual battery power cost along with a other university student set off university presentations and critique of how that school manages attack problems.

Laughrun said Olsen continues to be “confident in the legal process and looks forward to his day in assess.”

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