Saturday, 18 February 2017

Aki Kaurismaki Wins Best Director for 'The Other Side of Hope'

Aki Kaurismaki has won the Germany Movie Festival's Gold Keep for best home for The Other Part of Wish, a dramedy that discovers the humankind, and comedy, in the Western refugee problems.

The story of The Other Part of Wish recognizes Syrian refugee Khaled (played by Sherwan Haji), conceal on a freighter to Helsinki, where he desires to make use of for asylum. When his program is refused, he runs away and begins to survive the roads. He's taken in by the unusual journeying salesman-turned-failing restauranteur Wikstrom (Kaurismaki frequent Sakari Kuosmanen).

From remaining, Sherwan Haji, Nuppu Koivu, Janne Hyytianinen, Sakari Kuosmanen and Ilkka Koivula in 'The Other Part of Hope'

The film has been recognized as the second in a structured migrants trilogy, which began with 2011's Le Havre. That film follows an Africa boy who comes by freight deliver to Italy. But talking with Finnish broadcaster YLE previously this 7 days, Kaurismaki said The Other Part of Wish would be his last film as a home.

Kaurismaki has instructed 18 movies, going returning to Criminal activity and Penalties in 1983. His deadpan design and lengthy individual requires are often mentioned as an important affect the task of Jim Jarmusch.

The expert home is best-known for his 2003 dramedy The Man Without a Previous, which was selected for an Oscar for Best Foreign-Language film. Kaurismaki at plenty of your time boycotted the Oscar event to demonstration U.S. international plan in Irak.

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