Thursday, 9 March 2017

PM Nawaz briefed on arrangements for Hajj 2017

PM Nawaz briefed on  arrangements for Hajj 2017

ISLAMABAD: Reverend for Spiritual Matters and Interfaith Balance Sardar Muhammad Yusaf Friday briefed Primary Reverend Nawaz Sharif on preparations for Hajj 2017 at the Primary Minister's Home.

During the briefing, the minister stated that there had been a amazing enhancement in preparations for Hajj 2017 during the last a very extensive period. "Applications for the federal govt Hajj Plan improved from 86,919 in 2013 to 280,617 in 2016," said the minister. He included that more than 300% improve in programs in the last a very extensive period was a testimony of community assurance in the federal govt.

The prime minister valued the ministry's initiatives for assisting pilgrims and instructed the ministry to create more developments. He said that noticeable developments produced in features offered to pilgrims in the last a very extensive period had been recognized by all sections of community.

Meanwhile, the leading was informed that the yearly Hajj obtain the present season had been finalized with the Empire of Saudi Arabic and that the decrease in Hajj allowance produced in 2013 due to growth of Haram Sharif had been renewed from 143,368 to 179,210. "The Saudi Hajj Ministry has also been asked for to improve the nation's allowance by at least 15,000 on the reasons for present inhabitants of Pakistan."

The prime minister also instructed the serve arrange for pilgrims at air-ports and supply of three foods a day to pilgrims in Ying power, Arafat and Muzdalifah, besides common facilitation for pilgrims in traveling features.

It was also made the decision during the conference that candidates, who had conducted Hajj during the last seven decades, would not be qualified to obtain Hajj 2017 under the federal govt scheme while Hajj-e-Badal would be permitted only through personal Hajj techniques. The conference was also joined by Fawad Hassan Fawad, Khalid Masood Chaudhary and other mature authorities.

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