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Trump's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Twitter day

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With the Home Intellect Panel on Thursday ready to keep proceedings on European impact in the 2016 presidential selection, the chief executive launched a sequence of tweets posts that did not keep up well as the declaration unfolded.
Trump tweeted, "James Clapper and others mentioned that there is no proof Potus colluded with European federation. This tale is FAKE NEWS and everyone knows it!"
He also had written, "The Dems created up and forced the European tale as any excuses for running a dreadful strategy. Big advantage in Electoral College & lost!"
But in his starting declaration, FBI Home Wayne Comey declared that a legal research into possible hyperlinks between European federation and the Trump strategy was indeed effective and on-going:
"I have been licensed by the Division of Rights to say the FBI, as part of our counterintelligence objective, is analyzing the European national initiatives to intervene in the 2016 presidential selection such as analyzing the characteristics of any hyperlinks between people associated with the Trump strategy and the European govt and whether there was any sychronisation between the strategy and Russia's initiatives. As with any counterintelligence research, this will also include an evaluation of whether any legal offenses were dedicated."
In an uncommon declassified review launched in Jan, the CIA, FBI and Nationwide Protection Organization had formerly declared that they had "high confidence" that "Russian President Vladimir Putin requested an impact strategy in 2016 targeted at the US presidential election" and that "Putin and the European Government designed a specific choice for President-elect Trump."
Comey's declaration was the first formal verification that actions of people associated with the Trump strategy were also being examined.
in his opening testimony, FBI Director James Comey announced that a criminal investigation into possible links between Russia and the Trump campaign was indeed active. Photo: MANDEL NGAN / AFP or licensors
Moreover, Comey strongly refused Trump's tweeted declare on Goal 4 that former President Barack Barack obama had requested wiretaps of him in the Trump Structure. "I have no details that facilitates those tweets posts and we have seemed properly inside the FBI," Comey said. "The Division of Rights has talked about to reveal to you that the reply is the same for the Division of Rights and all its elements. The department has no details that facilitates those tweets posts."
Comey created it obvious that no chief executive on his own could order a wiretap; such an action must be accepted by a assess.
Meanwhile, NSA director Eileen Rogers ignored the White-colored Home recommendation that Barack obama requested English intelligence to spy on Trump - your declare already angrily refused the U. s. Empire. Rogers verified that such a demand would be an infringement of U.S. law and White-colored Home claims on the matter "clearly irritates a key friend of ours."
The declaration overall was clearly destructive to the White-colored Home. But then the president's other Twitter consideration tried make soda and pop out of lemon.
He tweeted, "The NSA and FBI tell The legislature that European federation did not impact electoral process."
This was an uncommon declare, especially because if you discover the shocking truth, Rogers makes obvious that, when inquired about whether European online stars modified choose adds in Mich and other declares, he replied: "I would emphasize we are a foreign intelligence company, not a household intelligence company. So it would be reasonable to say, we are probably not the best company to provide a more complete reaction."
Indeed, when later inquired about the presidential tweets update, Comey said that it did not indicate what they had said: "It certainly was not our objective to say that today."
Undeterred, the president's Twitter consideration sent up another surface.
"FBI Home Comey: fmr. DNI Clapper "right" to say no proof of collusion between European federation and Trump Campaign," he tweeted.
But this was also incorrect. Comey was particularly discussing about the Jan. 6 papers launched by the intelligence organizations - a papers that the Trump White-colored Home has mostly ignored, except to point out it was fake. Former Home of Nationwide Intellect Wayne Clapper later launched an argument saying it was "in the best interest of all Americans" to examine possible Trump-Russia connections.
Another deceiving Trump tweets update was this one:
"FBI Home Comey declines to refuse he briefed President Barack obama on phone calls created by Eileen Flynn to European federation. "
Comey was very cautious not to talk about people, such as shot national security advisor Eileen Flynn. He mentioned that the audience were not to attract any unnecessary results from his rejection to opinion. But obviously his caution dropped on hard of hearing hearing at the White-colored Home.

The Pinocchio Test
The president's tweets posts throughout the day were deceiving, incorrect or simply incorrect. The severity of the reports might have called for a more controlled reaction, as a White-colored Home well of reliability is only so strong. But the chief executive select another strategy -- which clearly backfired, tweets update after tweets update.

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