Saturday, 25 March 2017

Violence against women centre opens in Multan

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MULTAN-The Assault Against Females Center (VAWC) has began performing at Multan to offer lawful and medical aid, security and comfort for the ladies who experience violence.
Punjab Primary Reverend Shehbaz Sharif while inaugurating the centre said that a community can make no improvement if it does not secure the privileges of ladies. The Center, he said, has been presented in line with the lessons of Islam to secure women’s privileges.
Violence Against Females Center would help sign-up FIR, offer emotional, lawful, forensic, research, medicolegal, evaluation and recovery features in one place, mentioned Shahbaz Sharif. Nobody would challenge to toss acidity on women as the centre would make sure appropriate rights and offer security to aggrieved women, he said. He further said that it would secure honor and pride of ladies. It is first of its kind in the area, he stated.
The chief minister mentioned that the federal govt was providing huge features to the public. “Recently presented City Bus service in Multan is benefitting learners, labourers and others. Punjab govt is investing Rs6 billion dollars on financial aid to 460,000 learners, and the learners of Category 6th and ontowards, are given Rs1000 per 30 days. In the same way, Endowment finance is also assisting 175,000 brilliant learners. We have invested a Rs11 billion dollars to handle knowledge of brilliant learners in well well-known schools,” he said. He included that TEVTA was also providing technological abilities for ladies in order to encourage them.
Shehbaz said that power loadshedding would end in the continuous year. “The competitors are creating unnecessary critique on the tasks of obligatory govt especially on City Bus venture but now, they themselves are releasing the same venture in Peshawar. We would not criticise them,” he said.
Pakistan Islamic League-N as well as the whole country would agree to and regard your choice of Superior Judge in Little case. All those who decided the country, and used country’s sources, must be attributed, Shahbaz included.
Punjab Governor Malik Rafique Rajwana also talked and mentioned that there was need to eliminate lifestyle of intolerance. He famous Punjab govt for establishing VAWC in Multan and expected that it would absolutely help safeguard the privileges of ladies.
Punjab Law Reverend Rana Sanaullah confirmed the development of VAWC and mentioned that such actions were fundamentals to make the country a well being state. He mentioned that PML-N govt was taking the country “Asian Tiger”. He remembered that PML N had also provided in 90s and every country was assured that Pakistan was becoming Oriental Competition. However, he said, your way of improvement was ceased in 1999.
“Now, the country, once again, is creating improvement and everyone is recognizing and seeing improvement and success. On Nov 2, an effort was made to lock-down the country, but the public foiled the bid,” said Rana Sanaullah. He included that the competitors are creating effort again to stop your way of improvement from another side. “We regard the Superior Judge and believe that SC Most judges are respectable individuals. There are speaks of taking out memorial, or coffin from Superior Judge,” he said.
Provincial Reverend for Inhabitants Welfare Zakia Shah Nawaz, Provincial Reverend for Zakat and Ushar Naghma Mushtaq, DG CM’s Ideal Change Device Salman Sufi, local parliamentarians, gran, area authorities chairmen and municipal community employees were also existing.

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