Thursday, 9 March 2017

Trucks loaded with coal allowed to leave Torkham after protest

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LANDI KOTAL: The regulators at Torkham boundary allowed over 100 automobiles, filled with fossil fuel brought in from Afghanistan, to continue to their specific locations after a business presentation demonstration by the transporters.

Holding black banners and chanting catch phrases for launch of their automobiles, the transporters organised a business presentation demonstration at the Nationwide Logistic Mobile international airport.

Noor Mohammad, a spokesperson for the agitating transporters, said that nearly 170 automobiles filled with fossil fuel brought in from Afghanistan were already eliminated by Traditions but were trapped at the Pakistan side of the boundary after all traversing points with Afghanistan were shut on Feb 17.

He said that there was no validation of detaining their automobiles as they had already surpassed the boundary and had also done their approval from Traditions.

“We cannot keep our automobiles at the boundary unwatched nor do we have proper place for remain as all the stores, workplaces and dining places are shut due to closing of boundary,” said Mr Noor.

He added that most of his co-workers had also tired all their money due to extended closing of the boundary.

Responding quickly to the business presentation of transporters, the regulators in assessment with protection regulators offered authorization to at least 128 automobiles to keep for their specific locations in the country.

Officials at the boundary said that the extended remain of the automobiles in the existing situation was risky and transporters too were confronted with numerous problems. They said that authorization was offered to the already eliminated automobiles.

The governmental management and protection regulators, however, could not believe the fact on enabling the automobiles filled with Pakistani exports products and foreign items, brought in under Afghan Transportation Business Contract, to continue.

Sources said that governmental management was willing to allow all the trapped automobiles, numbering about 400, to keep Torkham for their devices in Peshawar to avoid any unpleasant occurrence. They said that protection regulators were not willing to deliver the automobiles back as such action would express a adverse concept.

Meanwhile, mature vice chairman of Pak-Afghan Combined Area of Business and Industry Ziaul Haq Sarhadi also advised the federal govt to open boundary crossings for all the automobiles filled with trade and ATTA products.

Welcoming the starting of boundary for two days for common Afghan and Pakistani people trapped on each side, he said that the same service should get offers for to packed automobiles trapped on each side of the boundary.

Mr Sarhadi said that nearly three weeks closing of the boundary had induced failures to the track of an incredible number of rupees on both local and Afghan investors. He required of both the federal govt authorities to plan business friendly guidelines to enhance trade interaction between the two nearby nations.

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