Monday, 6 March 2017

Another chapter of shame for India as 19 female foetuses found dumped in sewer

NEW DELHI – In a surprising disclosure, Native indian cops said on Thursday they had discovered 19 aborted women foetuses thrown out in a sewage in the european condition of Maharashtra.

“We have retrieved 19 foetuses and are trying to police arrest your doctor, who is absconding,” Dattatray Shinde, a cops superintendent in Maharashtra’s Sangli region, informed a foreign news organization.

He said the foetuses were discovered delayed Weekend covered with red nasty purses in a sewage next to a medical center owned by Dr. Babasaheb Khidrapure in the town of Mhaisal.

Revealing the facts, Shinde added that the cops made the finding after a 26-year-old lady passed away during a unsuccessful abortion attempt at the surgery treatment.

“We have caught the victim’s spouse Praveen Jamdade for pressuring her into an abortion,” he said verifying that the dead woman’s dad informed cops that Jamdade had called him and indicated his desire to abort the feminine foetus despite Jadhav’s argument.

Although Native indian boasts much about sex equal rights and enlightenment, even then women foeticide is on the increase in the nuclear-armed condition despite the fact that prenatal sex exams are unlawful in Native indian.

Parents and physicians can be locked up for up to 5 decades for inquiring or using a prenatal sex test, which can eventually lead to abortion after finding that the foetus is women.

A 2011 study in the English medical publication ‘The Lancet’ discovered that up to 12 thousand ladies had been aborted in the last three decades in Native indian refuting India’s statements of social improvement.

According to the Demographics 2011, sex rate in Maharashtra is 929 women for every 1000 men, which is below the nationwide regular of 940 women. In 2001, the sex rate of women was 922 per 1000 men in the condition.

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