Saturday, 4 March 2017

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson arrested after row with photographe

Louis Tomlinson on stage

One Route musician Louis Tomlinson has been caught at Los Angeles airport terminal after a problem with a press photographers photographer. The 25-year-old musician was taken into legal care before developing on a $20,000 (£16,000) connection and directed to return to court on 29 Goal. Video of the claimed occurrence was released by Mouth Online.

The musician was supposedly with his sweetheart Eleanor Calder when the conflict, which happened on Saturday, happened. Police records revealed Tomlinson was exposed to a citizen’s police arrest. Calder then suggested with viewers who had started shooting the occurrence. revealed that the photographer was too close for Tomlinson’s comfort, “so he supposedly drawn the photographer to the ground by his feet. The photographer dropped in reverse and hit his back and head on the ground.”

According to the superstar news site, “A female observe started documenting Louis’ GF as she tried to leave. The two women supposedly then got into a physical altercation.”

Lawyer Martin Singer told TMZ: “The press photographers triggered and caused the altercation that happened with Louis at manchester international this morning. While the altercation was going on with the press photographers, three other individuals were fighting his sweetheart during this occurrence and he came to her defense.”

The occurrence happened as the couple were going back to Los Angeles from a holiday in Las Vegas. Tomlinson is supposedly working on a single career while One Route are on break. The group remain one of the most successful boy groups of all time

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